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Calvi Airport Access

Calvi Airport Corsica

The Calvi Airport is on the island of Corsica about 4 miles southeast of Calvi. The airport code is CLY and some airlines refer to the airport as Corsica (Calvi).

Calvi Airport

Calvi Airport

Calvi Airport Facilities

As with the three other airports on Corsica, the Calvi Airport is small and has one terminal on one level. But the airport has what you would anticipate. There are check in desks, cash machine, baggage reclaim, luggage trolleys, newsagent shop, toilets, souvenir shop, café, information desk, and payphones.

The airports terminal is long and narrow with check in on one end and baggage reclaim on the other. The car hire desks are next to baggage reclaim.

Looking at the airport terminal from the car park, departures are to the left and arrivals to the right. When you exit arrivals there is a cash machine to your right.

Calvi Airport Airlines

The Calvi Airport is served by the following low cost airlines:

  • Airberlin
  • Air Corsica
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Helvetic
  • Air France desk at Calvi Airport
Calvi Airport Airlines

Calvi Airport Airlines

Calvi Airport Access

Calvi Airport is 4 miles southeast from the city of Calvi. The airport is in the northwest part of the island of Corsica, not far from the coast. The airport is in the Haute-Corse (2B) department, one of the two administrative departments of Corsica.

Calvi Airport

Calvi Airport

Calvi Airport is on the D81 road and about a 10 minute drive from Calvi. If you are worried about not finding the airport, don’t be. The airport is well signposted (on both the D81 and N197) and at the roundabout junction of the D81 and the N197, there is a wire aeroplane. Follow the signs ‘Ste Catherine’ – ‘Sta Catalina’ in Corsican, with an aeroplane. Just before you get to the airport, there is a sign.

Calvi Airport Access

Calvi Airport Access

If you arrive at the airport on an arriving flight and need to get to Calvi or another location. You want to exit right coming out of the car park or left if you are coming out one of the car hire buildings across from the car park. Drive on the D81 until you get to the roundabout junction with the N197. You’ll go right for Ile Rousse, Bastia, Ajaccio and Bonifaio and left for Calvi.

It’s also possible to take the D81 directly to Ajaccio. This is a longer and more diffcult drive but offers some great views.

There is no public transportation to the airport but there is a taxi rank at the airport. There should be taxis waiting for most arriving flights.

If you are dropping someone off at the airport there is a drop off lane (voie de dépose) for departing passengers.

Calvi Airport Airport Address

Aéroport International Calvi Sainte Catherine
rte Calenzana 20260 Calvi

Calvi Airport

33 (0)4 95 65 88 88

Calvi Airport Hotels

Here is a list of hotels within 10 miles of Calvi Airport, as there are no hotels at the airport.
Click here for hotels in Calvi.

5 Star Hotel
La Signoria (Hotel nearest Calvi Airport)

4 Star Hotel
Best Western Premier Hotel Corsica

3 Star Hotels
Hostellerie De L’Abbaye
Hotel Revellata
Logis Saint Christophe

2 Star Hotels
Motel Les Pins
Hotel Sole Mare

Calvi Airport is known as ‘CLY – Saint Catherine’.

Calvi Airport Car Hire

Many of the major car hire companies are at the Calvi Airport. These include:

  • Alamo
  • Avis
  • Europcar
  • Hertz
  • National

Each car hire company has a desk inside the terminal, near arrivals. The terminal is small you shouldn’t have a problem finding your company. Just know that Alamo shares a desk with National (known in France as National-Citer).

For car hire return each company has its own building across from the terminal. Except for Alamo, who again shares with National.

Most car hire companies refer to the Calvi Airport using different names. Here are some examples:

Alamo – ‘Calvi, Airport (corsica)’
Avis – ‘Calvi Saint-Catherine Airport’
Hertz – ‘Calvi Airport’
National – ‘Calvi Airport (corsica) (CLYT01)’

Calvi Airport Car Parks

The Calvi Airport has a car park with 200 spaces. The first 20 minutes are free.
After that you pay:

Less than 1 hr = € 2.00
1hr – 3 hr = € 3.00
3 hr – 12 hr = € 4.00
12 hr – 24 hr = € 5.00
Each additional day = € 5.00
If you just need to drop someone off at the airport follow the sign for ‘voie de dépose’. You won’t have to pay. There is a sign indicating the car park entrance, taxi rank and drop off lane.

When you enter the car park you will take a ticket. Keep this ticket you will need to it to make payment and then exit. Payment can be made at one of the automatic payment machines (caisse in French) in the arrival zone. Modes of payment are credit card (French ‘CB’), notes and coins. Machines give change. You can also pay by cheque at the information desk in the terminal. Once payment is made you have 15 minutes to exit the car park.

There is handicap parking at the airport. Spaces include phone to call for assistance.

Season Tickets

1 Month = € 50
6 Months = € 200
1 Year = € 400
If you would like to buy a season ticket, I suggest you do so when you arrive at the airport. Take your ticket when you enter the car park and then go to the information desk.