Gillette – Campbell County WY Airport

Gillette - Campbell County Airport

Gillette – Campbell County WY Airport

Gillette-Campbell County Airport

2000 Airport Road, Suite 108
Gillette, WY 82716
(307) 686-1042
(307) 686-1471 Fax

Gillette - Campbell County Airport

Gillette – Campbell County Airport

Gillette – Campbell County Airport Services

Water Load Out Facility

The Gillette-Campbell County Airport presently has an automated water load out facility which is primarily used as a source of chlorinated water to various coal bed methane gas producers and other companies requiring bulk quantities of water. The cost of the chlorinated water is Ten Dollars ($10) per thousand (1,000) gallons. The facility is located adjacent to the airport on the west side of US Highway 14/16, approximately four (4) miles north of the City of Gillette. For more information and/or to set up an account, please contact the Airport Administration Office at (307) 686-1042.

Hangar Rentals

The Gillette-Campbell County Airport has Twenty-Four (24) individual T-hangar units for lease, which accommodate most single and light twin-engine aircraft. If you are interested in leasing a T-hangar unit, please contact the Airport Administration Office. Current rates are $131.16 per month plus utilities. Tenants are responsible for paying their own cost of the electrical utility directly to Powder River Energy Corporation.

Meeting Room

The Gillette-Campbell County Airport offers a meeting room that comfortably seats forty (40) people. The cost of renting the meeting room is $25 per day, with the exception of aviation related groups, which there is no charge. Scheduling and reservations are required. All groups reserving the Meeting Room must sign a contract and pay the rental fee prior to the dates reserved. Contact the Airport Administration Office for more information and scheduling.

Gillette – Campbell County Airport Fixed Base Operator

Flightline Inc. is the local fixed base operator providing aircraft fueling, aircraft maintenance, flight lessons, ground school, aircraft rentals, charter service, sightseeing flights and various other services. Call Flightline, Inc. at (307) 686-7000 for more information.

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