10 Tips for Finding Cheap Flight Tickets

Cheap Flight Tickets

10 Tips for Finding Cheap Flight Tickets

When you are looking for cheap flight tickets, there are few actions you can take in order to reduce the price of your flight ticket. Following are 10 tips for finding cheap flight tickets:

1. Variety

Check several on-line booking sites. We have taken care of this one for you by assembling many online ticketing sources together in one place. Shop several sources to ensure that you are receiving the best price on your airline tickets.

2. Search in Advance

Begin monitoring ticket prices at least a month ahead of when you need to travel.

3. Flexibility

Try to be flexible in your travel plans. You may find a cheaper flight tickets if you are willing to depart a day or two early, or return a few days later.

4. Alternate Airports

Consider an “alternate airport”. An alternate airport is one that is located in the same general area as your first choice destination (e.g., Newark instead of JFK). Many of these less trafficked airports offer cheap flight tickets, so consider driving a little to save a lot of money.


5. Keep Checking

Keep checking ticket prices, even after you make your purchase. If the price for the flight you booked (same travel dates) drops, you may be entitled to a retroactive refund. There are no guarantees, but if the price drops it is most certainly worth a toll-free phone call to the airline’s reservation number. Keep in mind that the refund will probably be delivered in the form of a future flight credit coupon.

6. Fly on Tuesday

Try to limit your travel days to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, if possible. Include a Saturday-night stopover.


7. Fly After Midnight

Check airfares online at 15 minutes after midnight. You may be able to find low fares that were shown during the day as unavailable. Courtesy-hold reservations are usually released at about this time if the individuals reserving the tickets did not complete their purchase.

8. Fly with Multiple Airlines

Do not restrict yourself to checking prices on only one airline, even if you are a frequent flyer member. The price you may save by your disloyalty may prove well worth the frequent flyer points you forego. In many cases, you can purchase frequent flyer points from the airlines anyway.

9. Fly with Small Airlines and Low Fair Airlines

Look to smaller, value-priced airlines for consistent discounts. (Spirit Airlines, ATA, AirTran, National Airlines, Frontier, JetBlue, Midwest Express, ProAir, etc.) The major online booking sites are now selling tickets for these carriers.

10. Review All restrictions Before Purchase

Carefully review all restrictions on the ticket you are about to purchase. (Is the ticket changeable, refundable, restricted?)

Bonus Tip

Earn free air miles while you shop. Find out if credit cards that can earn free tickets are right for you. Review this mileage credit card article and make up your own mind.

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